Why Take A Franchise?

Follow the formula for success. It is that simple. We believe that becoming a Groovy Gardeners Franchisee will help you succeed in creating a fully scalable business of your own and generating an income that will exceed your expectations. There is no other gardening franchise that will help you focus on making money while removing some of the less predictable aspects of running a successful money making business.
Why Take A Franchise?

We Have The Perfect Solution For Your Landscape Problems

Become part of a group that has significant buying power. We can offer our franchisees everything from lines of credit on tools and equipment to actual vehicles such as tippers, pickup trucks and double cab vans. You can’t do all the work by yourself. Typically plan your routes the day before and drop off your team to the jobs while you plan the next job. See each job planned in a diary days and even weeks ahead to enable you to plan your team. Planning is everything. Everything is easier, faster and often better quality when you repeat the same jobs again and this is true in this case. Keep your customers happy and they will be back again and again.

Franchisee Startup Costs

A Groovy Gardeners Franchise currently  starts from £22,000 + VAT
Payment plans are available for this.
Additional costs are worked out per hour or as a flat rate for items such

  • Local SEO and citations
  • Additional website design and support including email setup
  • Email and SMS campaigns
  • SMS setup
  • 4G Payment Gateways and accounts integration
  • Customer subscription services
  • Coming later – backend CRM & booking App

Franchisee Benefits

First impressions are important and we have to create the right brand image to our customers and suppliers. We prefer our Franchisees to drive similarly branded vehicles and can introduce you to our dealers. Some will give additional discount. 
This is actually one of our most popular Franchisee benefits
Get generous discounts by buying or renting through your Groovy Gardeners HQ using our supply chains. Rent directly from us.
We run our own in house equipment supply chain. Who doesn’t want to turn up to work with a new piece of kit?

  • Milwaukee power tools
  • Dewalt
  • Fiskars
  • John Deer