Groovy Gardeners are on a mission to become the most recognised Regular Garden Care Brand in the UK. We are extremely well versed in running a successful service business from recruitment, funding, to payment subscriptions.

The combination of our solid leadership and partnerships with top manufacturer brands will get you the growth and profitability you deserve. Just follow our formula and put your gardening talents to use. Scale your business and grow your team. Our strategy is to help you create a regional presence and expand that territory.

We are currently seeking franchisees to partner with Groovy Gardeners and build the brand even further across the whole of the UK. Our concept is simple, to make it as easy and reliable for the customer and the franchisee as possible as the demand is already there. As homes grow smaller and with an aging population more and more people are turning to a regular gardening contractor.

All franchisees are required to follow our core values as this is what separates us from other Gardening Services. Franchisees can set regional pricing to reflect the different costs of living and labor across the UK. You get on with what you are good at and we help with the more boring parts that make any business successful. Our focus and office based customer attention will ensure that you have partnered with the best Gardening Brand in the Industry.
Only prospective franchisees that agree to adhere to the most vigorous levels of integrity and commitment will be considered.