use This is our most popular section. Since being a Garden Maintenance Contractor is about visiting homes.
Turning up in a tatty old vehicle isn’t good at all for business. In fact many customers will never use a company that does not present the right first impression ever again.
Anyone can open a landscaping business but most will struggle as its quite difficult to get right.
With our range of branded vehicles available to lease or rent you can be sure that you will present the right credentials.
With our help make your business all year round and take additional income.
We expect our franchisees not to run vehicles over 5 years old for brand reasons.


Groovy Gardener Wrap

At least one of your fleet must have a wrap for advertising purposes. We suggest that all vehicles require one but are flexible since we know that many of you are using these for personal use as well.

Short term rental of Gardening Vehicles

Many franchises will require more vehicles in the summer months than the winter months. We have considerable numbers of vehicles available from 1- 12 months in order to fill this gap until you are able to predict this. Some vehicles will be used vehicles with or without a wrap.