Plant Supply & Install

Plant Supply & Install

Self Supply

The most expensive part about plant purchase is transport so we encourage all Franchisees to build relationships with local plant nurseries. Update your website or social page to show what you recommend and what is in stock. Ideally arrange your plants into categories and shops Arrange your plants in garden sizes and colours

Group Deals

From time to time we do deals with major nurseries for high volumes of popular plants. This is great time to give your customer a deal and fill the garden and baskets with vivid colours. More and more people work from home and use the garden as a way to step out of the office.

Organic Vegetable Patches & Herb Gardens

Not all gardens are completely full of hot tubs, decking and flowers. More and more people, with the rise in cost of living and fascination with exotic home cooking would love a home garden. Very few people have the knowledge or commitment to make this happen but with Groovy Gardeners you can make their dream a reality.

Hydrophonic Setup

Currently the market is for hotels and business for expensive herbs.